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Dancing in the Kitchen is BACK for Season 2!!!

Are you ready to find some “Mom Jeans” and friends that fit?

In today’s episode, I’m dancing it out with my little sister, Kelly Todd!

Kelly is not a “mom boss,”  author, or blogger (well she does blog a couple times a year) but she is VERY awesome!

Kelly Todd is a pastor’s wife, mom of twins, adoption consultant assistant and has a masters in counseling.

Here it is…the FREE Dancing in the Kitchen Playlist

Don’t forget to use the #Dancinginthekitchenwithannieleigh and #bustamove and share those moves!


These are just a few topics we discussed:


  • Southern Accents
  • Celebrity Gossip
  • 20 Things That Turn 20
  • Band Boys
  • Mom Jeans
  • Dating Your Husband
  • Life of a control freak
  • Should You Take a Digital Detox?
  • Finding Mom Friends
  • Head Lice Problems
  • Also…Britney Spears??? Makes an guest appearance!!

Links from today’s show:


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You and Me Forever:  Marriage in the Light of Eternity by Francis Chan

Here are some of my favorite high rise jeans:

I am so pumped!  MOM JEANS are back and better than ever!

I have been waiting for this moment since the late 90s…ever since Britney and Christina forced us into low rise jeans!  I bought a pair the other day and I love that my muffin top fits under the waistband!

FashionABLE is an amazing company! Check them out!

These are a little pricier but Paige Denim is amazing and holds up really well!


These are only $29.99 at Target!

Another one from Target.

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