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Biblical Womanhood

Biblical Womanhood

Ep 6: Let’s Talk About Sex {Enjoying Intimacy With Your Husband}

By On April 12, 2017

Dancing in the Kitchen with Annie Leigh has a new episode on iTunes!  Click Here to listen! Do you look forward to sexual intimacy or does it seem like a chore? Are… Read More

Biblical Womanhood

Discontentment in sin, Contentment in Christ

By On July 13, 2016

Sin slithers in when we least expect it and goes for the choke hold every. single. time.  Sin attempts to strangle us by twisting the truth with lies.  Gasping for air, we ask, “Does God really love… Read More


Lessons From Taylor Swift

By On February 19, 2016

Taylor Swift’s 1989 won album of the year at the 58th Annual Grammy’s!!!!! (At least that’s what people say! It was past my bedtime so I found out the exciting news via morning… Read More

Biblical Womanhood

A Dream Deferred {Why You Must Dream Bigger!}

By On September 16, 2015

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream..” -C.S. Lewis Dream On We all suffer from the prevailing disease of emptiness.  An infant’s first cry… Read More

Biblical Womanhood

I Used To Be Awesome {When Love Holds Tight}

By On May 29, 2015

Enter Hairspray I used to get high. I cannot tell you how many chemicals were floating around that room, but if someone would have lit a match, I’m sure the entire building… Read More


When Christianity Is Boring….

By On September 23, 2014

Safety may have kept me from dying all of these years, but I wonder if it also hasn’t kept me from living. I may feel safe, but I don’t feel alive.  Is… Read More


A Simple Secret To Drop Weight Instantly {not what you think}

By On September 16, 2014

ENTER THE SCALES The first time I stepped on a scale was during the dark life-sucking hole known as middle school. There was a number that popped up and I knew it… Read More

Biblical Womanhood

Big Sharks and Small People (Living Life In Fear)

By On August 18, 2014

Sally has been selling seashells down by the seashore for years and I am sure she would appreciate my business. However, I want to save my $5 to go buy expensive coffee.… Read More

Biblical Womanhood

When You Wanna Be A Rockstar (But All You Have Is An Air Guitar)

By On July 16, 2014

Selfishness has been a frienemy of mine. I serve the King and then start to think the applause belongs to me.  Even when I am excited about His kingdom, I start to pick… Read More


How To Live A Full Life {When You Feel Empty}

By On July 1, 2014

Why “The Fullness of Empty?” The soul desires to be full. God always fills emptiness. With His words, He filled the emptiness with life. God spoke light into darkness. God filled the… Read More