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Walk Lighter: 3 Misconceptions About Life That Weigh Us Down

By On March 21, 2017

Come on over to iTunes and bust some moves! Episode #3 of Dancing in the Kitchen with Annie Leigh is available! Are you feeling disappointed, discouraged or just “Meh?” In today’s episode,… Read More

Bible Study

When Someone You Love Lets You Down: Reflections On Jen Hatmaker

By On November 5, 2016

Most of us have experienced the feeling of disappointment with another human being. If you have not yet, just wait until we elect our new president. Have you known the hurt I… Read More

Biblical Womanhood

Discontentment in sin, Contentment in Christ

By On July 13, 2016

Sin slithers in when we least expect it and goes for the choke hold every. single. time.  Sin attempts to strangle us by twisting the truth with lies.  Gasping for air, we ask, “Does God really love… Read More


I’m Scared to Death

By On March 28, 2016

There are many things in this world that freak me out: tornadoes, spiders, snakes, tsunamis, men who wear Capri pants, ISIS, small talk, and yes, the Gremlins under my bed. These are… Read More


When You Already Feel Dead {How Depression Saved My Life}

By On September 11, 2015

I used to be scared of the dark.  The kind of scared that plugged in night lights.  The kind of scared that – even as a sophomore in high school – would… Read More

Gospel Living

When The Frost Comes

By On November 12, 2014

It is a celebration of life as the autumn leaves fall like confetti around our Kentucky home.  The trees stand tall and brave as they let go of their identity.  No longer are they recognized… Read More


A Simple Secret To Drop Weight Instantly {not what you think}

By On September 16, 2014

ENTER THE SCALES The first time I stepped on a scale was during the dark life-sucking hole known as middle school. There was a number that popped up and I knew it… Read More

Biblical Womanhood

Big Sharks and Small People (Living Life In Fear)

By On August 18, 2014

Sally has been selling seashells down by the seashore for years and I am sure she would appreciate my business. However, I want to save my $5 to go buy expensive coffee.… Read More

Biblical Womanhood

When You Wanna Be A Rockstar (But All You Have Is An Air Guitar)

By On July 16, 2014

Selfishness has been a frienemy of mine. I serve the King and then start to think the applause belongs to me.  Even when I am excited about His kingdom, I start to pick… Read More

Books / Devotionals

Summer Reading List

By On July 11, 2014

I couldn’t decide on what books to pack for our summer vacation, so I packed 6!  Six books to read in two weeks!  This is insanity, what was I thinking! Clearly a moment of… Read More