Beyond a Bikini Body

Yesterday, I was in the checkout line, hiding unwashed hair under my faithful ballcap, pretending that I was not reading the current gossip magazine.

I couldn’t help myself because there was “BREAKING NEWS!”

Yep….Brittney Spears got her body back!

No more crazy-rock bottom-shaved head-Disney star gone wild Brittney, Now, it is HIT-ME-BABY-ONE-MORE-TIME-I can rock a slightly inappropriate schoolgirl midrift after having kids Brittney!

I am happy for Brittney!  She worked had to get those abs!

But when I saw this article my first reaction was to throw it down on the ground and stomp all over it.  I kept my composure, of course, because I am from the south but I did want to drop kick the article.


I look at my body in the mirror (after three kids) and it is  not hit me one more time, it is Discovery Channel goes tribal but seriously, gravity?!?  I get frusterated because I have been exercising and eating right and I am not rocking six pack abs…not even two pack!

This time of year, when the sun comes out and clothes come off, there is an added amount of pressure.  I hear it in our conversations and through Facebook statuses, and I know it from my own experience.   My husband and I  are going to Florida for a retreat with others pastors and their wives.  However, I do not feel swim suit ready and I am a health and fitness coach!  I feel as though others are going to think I am a fraud because I am not rocking six pack abs or buns of steel.  I workout everyday, eat healthy, avoid junk food and yet I still have junk in the trunk.  I am disciplined and I still have cellulite.  I fear that others will think I am lazy or that I am secretly eating bags of Doritos and not the health food that I claim I love.

Be prepared because at check out counters across America, we are going to see hot celebrities who just popped out a baby the week before displaying their awesome abs and buns of steel.

The captions will be in Bold and promise us that if we follow these simple secrets of celebrities, we too can live a happy life.

These articles will share, helpful workout tips, pills to pop, and foods to eat or avoid, and creams to rub.

I want to share a few of my own helpful tips to becoming swimsuit ready!

1.)  Get real:  Celebrities get paid to look amazing.  They get paid a ton of money.

With that kind of money they can afford:

Personal trainers that come into their homes and make them do work. Personal chefs to create healthy meals for them. Personal assistant to run to the grocery store or other errands. A nanny to watch the kids. The latest spa treatments and massage therapies.  Tucks and lifts and injections.

I am not saying that any of these things are wrong.  If they have the money and they are not going to go in debt…why not have someone help ya cook!!!!

I don’t know about you but most of us do not have these luxuries!

If our reason for eating healthy and exercising is to look like a celebrity or the current Athleta model, we are going to live in constant frustration because most of us don’t have the time to look like that…right????  Because we are working a full time jobs, running kids everywhere, PTA meetings and serving in our communities and churches.


I am not saying the desire to want to have six pack abs is wrong, I would LOVE IT if I woke up one morning and they magically appeared but I also don’t want to live for those abs  or to rock a pair of skinny jeans!

So….should we just say, “screw it,” and burn our yoga pants and stop exercising and binge on chocolate chips all day because we are never going to ever look like the person on the magazine.

Well, I hope not?  I would lose my entire wardrobe!

I don’t think we should give up on ourselves, I think we should give ourselves a NEW motivation for taking care of our bodies.

For me, It is all about priorities!  My priority is My husband, children and then my job.  (I did not put my relationship with God because to me He is the center of it all.)

I exercise is to be strong for my family!  I am a nicer person when I eat healthy and exercise.  I literally sweat off my crazy!  When I am taking care of myself, I have the energy to take care of all of the things God has placed in my life.

I am a better steward of my time when I am a good steward of my body.

Do you want to be swimsuit ready?  I do too!  Here are the commitment we need to make in order to make that happen.

Lets make a commitment to stop comparing our bodies to celebrities and photo shopped images!  Also, lets stop comparing ourselves to other women in general.  Comparison is the thief of joy!

Lets make a commitment to refuse the lie that our worth if measured by standing on a scale or fitting into a certain size of jeans!!!

Let make a commitment to believe the truth that our worth is in the fact that we were made in the image of God.  He has fearfully and wonderfully made us!  Our bodies are made for so much more than posing, strutting and rocking a bikini!

Lets commit to creating a new reason for exercise and fitness, one the goes far beyond outward appearances.  Think about your “WHY?”  Do you need to change your why to line up with your priorities?

Please share in the comment section below…what are your struggles when it comes to body image? I would love to hear your thoughts or your why?