Everyone Needs Accountability

Have you lost all motivation?

I hear this all the time and I feel ya!

MOTIVATION may get us started but it is DISCIPLINE that keeps us going!

(This is why everyone joins the gym in January but by March it is ghost town)

Motivation without discipline is like a car without wheels.

People assume that I am naturally a motivated person because I workout every day and run my own business.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

I am not “naturally” motivated….there are so many days I wake up and I just want to sit and watch Netflix for hours on end.

I have learned that it is VERY important to have the RIGHT motivation….mine is being strong for my family BUT motivation can only take you so far….DISCIPLINE is where it’s at!

DISCIPLINE = repeat repeat repeat repeat repeat repeat repeat repeat repeat repeat….you get the picture? ????

It is showing up and doing what needs to be done every single day!

Here is the thing…when I show up and do it, even when I don’t FEEL like it, the motivation comes.

If I don’t want to read my bible but I do it anyways….I feel motivated afterward.

When I workout….I feel motivated afterward.

What keeps you motivated and disciplined?

For me it is accountability!  ACCOUNTABILITY is the harness that keeps you on the journey you committed yourself too!

We need other humans cheering us along the way and reminding us to move forward.

Together we are STRONGER!

If you want to join a community of women who will cheer you on in your health and fitness goals, apply HERE to be in our online accountability group.