Join the Coach Movement

Join the Coach Movement

The Uprising is a movement of coaches who live to lift others UP!

I founded The Uprising when I started growing a team of coaches. As a team we provide training, support, encouragment, community, accountability and guidance so that you can reach your own personal and business goals.

Coaches are ready to step UP to the plate and help others rise up from excuses and show UP to life!

Together we are stronger.


We have a passion and the tools for helping individuals become healthy from the Inside Out and build a body they can do life in!

Are you ready to join the coaching movement but unsure if you have the time or what it takes?

That was me! I was too busy and so very scared of failure! My husband was finishing his PhD, I was in the middle of writing a book proposal and I had three little kids BUT I also decided it was time to start a business!

I had always been into health and fitness and at one point I looked into teaching classes at a local gym but that idea scared me…being an introvert and all! I also wanted the flexibility that comes from making up my own schedule (I wanted to be home with my kids after school).

Here is the thing…I LOVE being a mom BUT I also have dreams that go beyond motherhood. When I am pursuing those dreams, I am a better mom.

I am grateful to God for allowing me to coach others while staying home with my kids!

I LOVE being an online health and fitness coach!!!!!

If YOU have a passion for health and fitness (or even have the slightest interest) WHY NOT be a coach?

You work from home! Make your own hours! Help others get fit!

Not to mention….replace a full-time income!!!!

I know that some of you have been interested in coaching for quite some time and you are scared (just like I was) to commit because…..what if you fail? I would say….the only failure is to not try at all. If I can do this…anyone can!!!!

Life will always be busy….. between work, school, errands, hobbies, cooking, and cleaning…our job is never done! That is the beautiful thing about this business…you do it on your time!

If we wait for the perfect time, we will never start anything! Listen…you are not going to do this coaching thing perfectly!!!! You will make a mess of it…just like all of us…thats how we learn:)

Also…If you wait until you are “PERFECT” and have it all together…you will never do anything!

What if I told you that in 1 hour a day you could build a fulltime income! I want to give you the tools to start your very own business!!!!

Our Coach Training process is amazing!!!! You will learn….

How to set goals.

How to live by your priorities and build a successful business.

How to develop and implement a Power Hour.

How to help others reach their goals

Teach you how to get in shape in only 30 minutes a day!

You get paid to get healthy!

So….how about it? Are you ready to stop thinking about it and join our team today! We will give you all the tools you need to succeed!!!! You don’t need to be perfect, just willing.

You are not doing this alone! You are joining a team of individuals who want to see you succeed!

Fill out this application if you would like to be considered: