Kids Stuff

Worship Songs

Our family LOVES Seeds of Faith worship!  One of my friends gave these to us as a Christmas present a few years ago and I enjoy listening to them just as much as the kids do!  It is a great way to memorize scripture!  My kids are getting older and they still ask to listen to these in the car.  You can purchase the CD or Steaming.


Our Favorite Books

Or if reading is not your thing…you can have someone read to YOU with an Audible Membership!

Books on Sexuality




Our home has seen many toys come and go.  Needless to say… our house seems to be a graveyard of broken toys.  There have not been many toys or games that we’ve purchased where we have thought…“Wow!  That was a really great investment!”  I recommend these products to you because they are faithful and VERY forgiving.  If they survive us…I get impressed!

However, I highly recommend giving your children cardboard boxes, cereal boxes, cans and sticks.