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Calling BS

By On June 29, 2016

SUMMER break is here and let me tell you……. the Edwards family is ready! We are ready to be schedule free! By August, I will be begging for a schedule! Summer is… Read More


Gone With The Corset {Are You Wearing Spiritual Spanx?}

By On October 22, 2015

“Why is it a girl has to be so silly to catch a husband?” Scarlette O’Hara complains as she is being tightly laced into the barbaric contraption known as the corset. In… Read More


Modest Is REALLY Hottest In Hell (Christians & Bikinis)

By On April 4, 2014

Modest is Hottest; it’s also true in hell. What will you be wearing on the day of judgment? Scantily-clad or not, we could be in for a surprise. The Bible tells us… Read More


‘Royals’-Living The Fantasy

By On March 28, 2014

Why in the world do we watch reality TV? Really though, why? It’s because we long to escape our boring reality into someone else’s story, a story far bigger and seemingly greater than our… Read More

Gospel Living

Goodbye, Bravermans

By On March 7, 2014

“Mommy, WHAT is on your forehead?” How do I explain ashes to a very confused four year old? How do I tell her of frailty and mortality? “Honey,” I say, “this is a… Read More