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I Hear Voices

By On March 1, 2016

I have given myself the diagnosis of spiritual schizophrenia, because I hear voices in my head. If you research this condition on WebMd or other forums, you won’t find it. The reason… Read More

50 Shades of Grey

Why Women Want Christian Grey? {50 Shades of Grey Dominates Box Office}

By On February 16, 2015

According to The New York Times, “Moviegoers turned out en masse to see the sadomasochistic love story “Fifty Shades of Grey” over the Presidents’ Day weekend.  The movie, which cost $40 Million,… Read More


A Simple Secret To Drop Weight Instantly {not what you think}

By On September 16, 2014

ENTER THE SCALES The first time I stepped on a scale was during the dark life-sucking hole known as middle school. There was a number that popped up and I knew it… Read More


What To Do When Someone You Love Is Depressed (Sneak Through A Window If You Have To)

By On August 29, 2014

It was a forced friendship from the beginning. Boldly, she announced that every single Wednesday she would be coming to my house.  I could see her resolve.  I was scared, and I… Read More


Are you resting well? {for the tired, weary, burnt out and bored}

By On August 21, 2014

Busy little bees all about the buzz.  There is buzziness that has to be done, we say.  Yes, the Lord has called up to work but he has also called us to… Read More

Biblical Womanhood

Big Sharks and Small People (Living Life In Fear)

By On August 18, 2014

Sally has been selling seashells down by the seashore for years and I am sure she would appreciate my business. However, I want to save my $5 to go buy expensive coffee.… Read More


Say I’m A Bird!

By On July 25, 2014

“Say I am a bird!” My husband’s eyes fight the urge to roll back into his head. Instead, he gives me a sheepish grin and shakes his head (assuming I’ve just been… Read More