The Fall Fashion Edition {Inspired by Grease, Donna Paulsen, and Doughnuts}

Here are a few of my favorite peplum tops and leather jackets!

I don’t always get dressed up but when I do… my kids wanna know why!

Now that all three of my children are back in school…I am trying to be a little more presentable.  I don’t even know what that means but I think it has to do with more frequent showering (easier without toddlers) and wearing clothes that are not sorority T-shirts from college.

So what…I am not a real “Fashionista!”

I am just gonna try to be a fashion-ISH-ta and share clothes that I love along the way!

This season it is all about the peplum top.

I am just gonna say it…Peplum tops are a gift from God!  Loose in all the right places!  Yes, you can eat the extra doughnut and no one will even notice the food baby growing in your belly!

You do not need to be a biker chick to rock a faux leather jacket!

 I am loving these three options because they do not break the bank!

I am going to invest in the black BP Dakota because I love the fit of their jackets and I have always wanted to be Sandy from Grease.

Your the one that I want!

Speaking of the one that I want…

Let’s talk about special occasion dresses because I need a special occasion to wear this beautiful Bardot Midi Dress (with the statement sleeves)!!! 


We have been watching Suits on USA and this is my “Donna Dress!”  Next time my kids are misbehaving…I am going to slip into this dress, grab a brief case and channel my inner lawyer at Pierson, Spector and Litt (This is why I don’t write on parenting tips).


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