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Are You Spiritually Frozen?

When it’s freezing, everything and everyone is forced inside into hibernation.


Sometimes when life moves in on you, it can feel like death, and oh, how you long to get out. Staying in can bring the BIG ugly out.

It’s like shaking a can of diet cherry soda with all that artificial sweetness; there is an explosion waiting to happen (this example can be taken to an entirely different level if your children develop the stomach bug).

Now…don’t get me wrong…I like the snow…I think it beautiful!!!!!  However, after one good snow, I am ready for warmer weather!

There is a mysterious kind of beautiful that whispers softly over the glistening snow, yet no life to be seen. Looking out the windowpane can be like looking deep into our soul; everything seems lifeless.


Are you frozen?

Frozen, stuck in the same boring  routine.

Frozen, numb to the things of God.

Frozen, stiff to the advances of God’s grace in my life.

Frozen in doubt.

Frozen in our bad habits like nail biting, overeating, disorganization, forgetting your child’s homework . . . again!!!!

Frozen, paralyzed by the fear of failing – again. I personally know the feeling of being so “bundled up” with fear that I cannot even try. In fact, often, I refuse to try.

Frozen, stuck in the same sinful patterns (many of which I feel like I’ve fighting since my teenage years).

Even your face is frozen in a vacant stare, and a smile cannot even be forced. You find yourself daydreaming, checking out, and numbing the pain of the reality that is before you.

We feel like the ice queen, who with her ice-cold heart, is standing still.  This life of no progress leaves us with an urge to scream but we can’t because our lips our blue with frostbite. As though we’re in the midst of a paralyzing nightmare, we can hardly utter a word. We’re afraid to hear ourselves say it out loud again, because we are sick of hearing our same little, seemingly meaningless speech to God.

He knows.

The sting of frostbite burns even more when you look over the fence and see your neighbor sitting by the fire.


Embrace The Ice

I have felt frozen towards the things of God for the last few months.  I read my bible and I feel nothing.  I pray…nothing.  I go to church and I am just like…Yeah, whatever…OK.  My children are laughing and attempting to engage their mother and I feel….nothing.  

I do feel guilt….lots and lots of it….enough to bury me alive! Guilt….. because I should be excited about the things of God!  He has saved me from the pits of HELL!  He has given me so much… inheritance that cannot be taken away!  My acknowledgement that I am not what I should be is a work of GRACE!!!!  It is a sign of LIFE!

No one wants to be frozen, but God often uses ice to bring out a unique transparency before God that could be cultivated in no other climate.

In freezing temperatures, we long for the  warmth of God’s love to melt away our cold heart.

God likes to warm us up when nothing else will. Then, we see our great need of Him, and we once again realize that He is greatly to be praised.  We are literally frozen and unable to move apart from the work of God in our lives (Paul would use the language of saying that we are “dead in our sin” in Ephesians 2). The recognition of our inability to move is the grace of God, and such poverty in spirit and utter dependence upon Him gives God great glory.


Outside in the midst of a record-breaking-Narnia-looking winter I saw a tree branch wrapped in layers of ice crystals. In my curiosity (and wrestling with God) I snapped off part of the branch, and there in the midst of layers of ice was life! Green, flowing, moving LIFE.  This tree was not dead, no it was pushing through the earths dark soil, deeper, firmer, and fuller.

Christian, you may feel frozen, but there is life moving through you. The blood that flowed from the veins of Christ is beating a rhythm in your chest, do you feel it?

Take hope and know that it is God who brings the snow and the ice. And yet He brings the snow not to harm us, but to show us something of our need for Him. After all, rarely do we truly appreciate the gift of warmth until we’ve spent a few hours in the ice.  Please….throw off that guilt and lean into the fathers embrace!

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