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Bored To Death {Why It’s Time Stop Playing It Safe}

Bored To Death (Why It’s Time To Stop Playing It SAFE)

Am I the only one who has ever been bored with life?

Could it be that our boredom stems from a misplaced fear?

This world can seem like a scary, treacherous terrain, with lions, tigers, and rattlesnakes. In fear of what the poison could to do our flesh, we hide in the arms of safety and security.


I am not exactly an adrenaline junkie, but lately I’ve the hankering to get brave. Yes, me: the perpetual nail-biter, weather radio analyst, locksmith, with a Ph.D. in Google. Yes, this lady wants to get her brave on.
Now, I don’t even know what “brave” looks like because I have been held in the arms of blessed safety since infancy. There were the baby gates, kid leashes, pillows on the edge of the fire place, electrical covers on all outlets, locks on cabinets, bicycle helmets and knee pads, curfews, “don’t climb any higher up that tree,” “look both ways before crossing the street,” “don’t talk to strangers,” and “always, I mean ALWAYS wear your seatbelt.”

Kinda like a “bumper padded” life…if bowling is your thing!!!


(I could dye my hair blonde…that is brave right…or just scary!)

To a certain degree, I suppose many of us have been safely tucked into the American Dream. The white picket fences that keep out imminent danger, unwanted guests, and all the hassle. I have even been guilty of hiding behind good theology, church buildings, and Christian subculture to keep me safe. Often I cover myself in the role of motherhood to keep myself from being brave (although don’t get me wrong, motherhood certainly requires its own kind of bravery).
Safety may have kept me from dying all of these years, but I wonder if it also hasn’t kept me from living.
I may feel safe, but I don’t feel alive. Is that really living?
And what are we protecting ourselves from?
For me it is two things:
Fear of Failure and Fear of Rejection…. really this is just the fear of man, right?
What do you fear?
So we cling to “safety.” Hiding keeps us from the world that we were meant to explore and enjoy.
Hiding doesn’t scatter our fears, love does. Perfect love casts out fear. Who is this love? Look to the empty tomb, this is the view you don’t want to miss, Jesus Christ conquering death!!! If we are kept in the arms of Christ, accepted by the King, what can man do to us? Death no longer has its sting!


(My husband let our son take a dead snake to church while I was away speaking!!!!  No, we are not a snake handling church!)

Christian, you have the antidote for all of the poison this world can inject. This world needs that antidote but our fear keeps us from climbing to those hard-to-reach prickly places. If our hearts are kept safety in heaven, then our feet can run with bravery on this earth.
Love trumps fear
The only way to get over our fears is through fear. Let our fear of God be greater than our fear of failure, rejection, death, and snake bite.
My kids had a broken jack-in-the-box. It was no fun. It was disappointing. It was tossed in the trash. They would twist the little lever, and the song would play, but right when the jack was supposed to jump out of the box and surprise the children with delight, we got nothing but tears and frustration.
I don’t know about you, but I am like Jack who has been wound up with good theology, seminars on evangelism, missional community groups, books, and podcasts, and it’s time to pop out of that box. Yep, those children, the little sheep I am called to feed . . . they may be annoying, messy, smelly, and exhausting, but then again, so am I, right?
Oh we are prepared all right, but are we prepared to do something? What are we preparing for?
All I know is that this pastor’s wife has planted her rear on the pew to keep from getting dirty.

Let love be the force that springs you out into the world!
When we refuse to do hard things, we are refusing to view beauty from the top.

If we want to discover the heights of his love and ride greater waves of grace, it is time to hop on our surf boards of little faith and let the wave carry us out. The adventure is already written.
I want to be the lady who was remembered for riding the waves of life, not clinging to the shore and missing the whole thing! There is a brave in every believer. Lord, help us get our Brave on!
Fight off a boring life by getting your BRAVE on!!!! (Brave could be as small BIG as talking to your neighbor today!)
How is the Lord calling you to be BRAVE?

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