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Campfires and Kumbaya

One of my favorite things (my happy place), is to hang out with friends around a brilliant campfire (please do not get the wrong Idea; I do not like camping. I repeat, I do not like camping – just campfires).

If this blog were my backyard we would pull up a few rustic logs, and I would channel the inner Girl Scout within me and build a huge bonfire. Oh for the smell of wood burning, the warmth of a flame, sparks flying and crackling into the cool night air, and of course, the s’mores (preferably burnt)! There is nothing quite likes telling stories around a campfire.

It’s the story of redemption

It is my desire that this blog be a place where stories are shared and hope is ignited within.  Speaking of stories, it is really His story.  It’s the story of redemption.

 It’s the story of how He uses our mess to make something beautiful.  It’s the story of weak and flawed sinners being thrown into the arms of Christ for peace and rest.  When His story is told, we are reminded that His love is woven into the tapestry of our daily lives, and that His grace holds it all together.

I pray that this blog would push us towards gratitude.  Gratitude follows remembering, and remembering comes from telling.  Let’s remember together the gift of Jesus and throw the logs of thankfulness onto the embers of our souls.  Praises erupting from the once spiritually dead – what a blaze!  As the sparks fly into the backdrop of the night, His glory only lifts higher.

We must be women who invite the lost, our children, and our spouses to sit with us around the burning flames.  Therein lies so much warmth from a Christ who has set our hearts on fire.

While we’re at it, let’s go ahead and throw an acoustic jam session into the mix.  It is a dream of mine to have a folk/rock worship session around a campfire.  You know – banjos, tambourines, cellos, harmonicas, mandolins, fiddles, and cow bells (one can never have enough cow bell).  All while singing Kumbaya, because we are so over being “cool” (actually, Kumbaya is so old it’s kind of hipster).  But it is all about asking God to “come by here.”  It is praising Him and reminding each other of what it means to be a part of His family.

If you have been hanging out with me for a while, you know that this blog was originally entitled, The Miss America Reject (which was basically started as a joke).  I did not really think I would ever be a writer; in fact, I once had a college professor ask if I was dyslexic.  I found that I needed to sit myself down and put words on a screen in order to remind my heart of the Gospel – the Gospel that I so quickly forget.

From the Runways of Performance to Sweatpants of Grace

I know all about working to please God and the exhaustion that follows.  However, the Gospel frees us to rest.

I basically live in my sweatpants or yoga pants (depending on which ones have been washed).  It is really sad because any day that I actually put on makeup and jeans my children ask, “Where are we going?”  You get it though, don’t you?

 When you come home from work, what do you put on?  Something comfortable.  Grace is like a comfy pair of pants that doesn’t ask you to suck it in and put on “spiritual spanx” so you look better.  Grace says, “come as you are.”

My prayer is that this would be a place where kindred spirits put on their most comfortable sweatpants and remember the Gospel.  The Gospel that tells us it is not about our performance and “getting dressed up” for God; rather, our hope is in Christ’s performance on our behalf.   We will never be good enough, wise enough, skinny enough, or funny enough.  Haven’t we had enough with “enough?”  Jesus is enough because He knew we would never be.  This is true rest for all of us weary, tired, and frustrated women who just want to put on the sweatpants of grace – Jesus is enough!

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