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Why We Must Enjoy God

Before you were a twinkle in your mothers eye, the holy trinity was waiting to breathe life into your dusty body.   You were on Gods mind before the world began.

Jesus was there in the beginning!  God said, “Let us make human being in our image.”  Who is “us?”  It is God the father, God the son, and God the holy spirit-the” holy huddle,” filled with perfect love, wisdom, and knowledge,  bent down low, breath kissing the dirt, and breathed life into Adams lungs.

By His word we were created.

Created by a holy God for a holy purpose.

What is this holy purpose we were created for?  To enjoy God.

Yes, God carved out a sacred hollowness in our souls that only He can fill.  The one who knows the depths of our hearts and all the shadows that exist within, went to the depths of our sin to rescue us, so that He can says this is “Mine!”

Created by God, for God.  The echo of our hollowness only ceases when we find rest in Christ,  or to put it differently, when we are delighting in God.

The soul desires to be full.  IT WAS CREATED FOR THIS PURPOSE!

God always fills emptiness.

If only empty creatures could see to bring themselves to their Creator to find fullness!

Creation gets it.  The trees bend at His voice, the thunderous cymbals of the sky crash at His command, the oceans pull back with the tide and summer falls into winter.   Creation testifies of a glorious God that fills, and if you take a look outside the window, you can almost  here the faint hum of a Hallellujah chorus.

One can stand gazing at mountains that touch the sky but cannot grasp their height.  One may look out into oceans that span through the horizon but not know its depth. God holds these landscapes in the palm of his hand.  He is infinatley larger… endless.  Remember, He has no beginning and no end!

What human eye can grasp the height or depth of his character? To think that one can fully know and enjoy God here is pride and belittles His glory.  When we refuse to enjoy Him here on earth, we fail to bring Him the glory due His name.

Shouldn’t we be discontent with standing on the shore line and wading in the puddles when there is an entire ocean to get lost in and ii’s calling us in to experience greater waves of His grace!  There is more of God to enjoy.

The one who created our heart is worthy of our every breath.  He puts His finger over all of the Universe, all of  our souls,  every area of our lives,  and every treasure we have and says this is “Mine.”

How can you enjoy God today?

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