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Gone With The Corset {Are You Wearing Spiritual Spanx?}


“Why is it a girl has to be so silly to catch a husband?” Scarlette O’Hara complains as she is being tightly laced into the barbaric contraption known as the corset. In order to catch the attention of a man, women of the Victorian Era believed that they must conceal their true shape.

This seems ridiculous to the progressive women of the 21st century, but I wonder how many of us are still hiding?

I have spent a good portion of my life hiding my truest self.

As a former pageant girl (Miss America Reject), I learned how to conceal aspects about my body that were…ummm… unpleasant.

For example, right before the swimsuit competition, I would forget to walk and end up colliding with furniture and doors, leaving my legs looking like I got into a cat fight backstage. I proceeded to hide the purple and blue bruises under many layers of concealer.

Then there was that other BIG UGLY, which I sit upon! Yeah, it didn’t matter how many hours I spent in the gym or eating broccoli, I could not get rid of that cellulite, and so I hid behind Spanx.

Spanx are the modern day equivalent of a corset? Right???


Though many of us would scoff at Miss America and Scarlette, I think we may have more in common with these icons than we would like to admit.
Are you wearing spiritual spanx?

It is easy as a Christian to hide behind our “spiritual spanx.”
We want to look “pretty,” and let’s face it: no one wants to see our sin (I mean cellulite). We are scared for others to see our “cellulite” because it’s ugly and embarrassing. What if my “cellulite” is worse than hers? If they knew how much “cellulite” I have, no one would want to be my friend.

I would argue that our spiritual spanx keep us from true friendships and authentic community with others. When we hide behind spanx, only the spanx receive love. Spanx may give us honor, prestige, and applause, but they most definitely will not give us true friendship because no one knows the real us.

We all have cellulite for crying out loud!!!!!

We are all a hot mess!!!! This is why we need Jesus!!!! The people who really freak me out….are the ones who don’t know how messed up they are!!!

Corset Christianity is an attempt to hide all of our ugly and promote what we think to be appealing.

For the same reasons women are no longer wearing corsets (umm . . . breathing), we, as Christians we have been set free, and there is no need to go “old school” and hide behind fig leaves.

There are no corsets in Christ.

God has seen us fully exposed and loves us more than we can imagine. God loves the unmasked version of us, so we are free to be authentic.

The world doesn’t need to see us display our superpowers; on the contrary, the world needs to see imperfect people who are in need of a perfect Savior. When we forget grace, we get out our hot glue guns and bedazzle our “Jars of Clay,” but Jesus doesn’t need all of that swagger! Gossip, obsessions, anger, shifting blame, and perfectionism are all different ways in which we hide. Jesus Christ has already impressed God for us, and we now get credit for His performance. Peace will rule in our hearts when we stop performing.

God doesn’t want our performance; He wants our heart. He breaks down the walls that we hide behind in order for us to step out into the world and proclaim His name.
The real us needs to meet with the real God… so the real us can really love people and real people can know a real God…. who really loves them and wants them to know REAL Freedom. We must get real!
We cannot preach freedom when we are hiding in corsets or in pews.

He will loosen the corset that is restricting our soul in order to let us breathe deep His love.

GIRL….Take off that corset and breathe!!!!

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