Grace Marriage {Ep 18: Marilyn Rhoads}

Today is gonna be a good day because we are dancing it out with my good friend and marriage mentor, Marilyn Rhoads!


It would be hard to find a more loving, gracious, sincere, life giving friend than Marilyn.  She is the real deal.

Marilyn has been married almost 22 years to Brad Rhoads and has 5 kids ranging in age from 7 to 18.

These five kids are in four different schools and on four different organized sports teams.

She has her BA in Psychology from Lipscomb University and her Masters in Social Work form the University of Southern Indiana.  She counseled at Counseling Associates in Owensboro before becoming a  stay-at-home mom.

Presently, she works with her husband, Brad, in Grace Marriage and spends most of her time taking care of five kiddos.  She loves to travel and enjoyed a six month trip around the nation with her husband and family in 2016.

Jamus and I love Grace Marriage Coaching!  We have been in a coaching group for nearly 6 years and our marriage is so much stronger!  Make sure to check out the links!

Listen to Marilyn talk about Grace Marriage on Dancing in the Kitchen with Annie Leigh

Grace Marriage Website

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