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How To Live A Full Life {When You Feel Empty}

Why “The Fullness of Empty?”

The soul desires to be full.

God always fills emptiness.

With His words, He filled the emptiness with life.

God spoke light into darkness.

God filled the earth with love.

God filled His people with manna.

He continually pours out His goodness upon creation.

Christ came to earth and His fragile body filled a tiny manger.  Light filled the darkness.

Deity filled humanity by taking upon our sin, disease, and flaws.

The King was covered in our humanity so that we may be filled with His heavenly righteousness.

Christ emptied Himself of the comforts of heaven in order set the captives free from their own emptiness.

Jesus drank down the entire cup of Gods wrath, so that His children could taste the fullness of the Fathers love.

If only empty creatures could see to bring themselves to their Creator to find fullness! In the presence of God is the Fullness of Joy.  Look up!

Look at the stars, the sun, the waters, and the mountains; they all boast of a God that fills.


Painting by Angela Hatfield

Painting by Angela

We were designed to be full, and in many ways we are full, yet full of the wrong things.

Full of self-love, we snack on the things of this world.  We cram this life full of stuff, only to hear the rumbling of our souls, an appetite that is never satisfied.

We are full of it.

Full, yet unsatisfied, and always hungering for more.

Jesus tells us in Luke 17:33, “If you cling to your life (seeking to become full), you will lose it, and if you let your life go (empty), you will save it.” We can’t experience a full life until we are first emptied of life itself.

There is only one way to eternal fullness – emptiness.

Christ emptied himself on the cross in order that we might know the fullness of God.  God’s cup of wrath was emptied on Jesus, so that we might be filled and covered with the righteousness of Christ.

We cannot come to God with our list full of achievements.  He is unimpressed.  Jesus perfectly achieved, and His blood now makes us clean and acceptable to God.

In Matthew 11:28 Jesus tells the crowd, “Come to me, all who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”  The only requirement for coming to God is “weariness.” Emptiness is what brings God to our rescue.  When we realize our only hope is in Jesus and we come empty to God, He fills us with His grace.  As we hold our empty trembling hands, our loving Father pours out the riches of His love.

The only ones who experience the fullness of grace are those who have first discovered the depth of their sin.

I love the story of Mary anointing Jesus’ feet with oil.  She walked into a room full of judging eyes who deemed her unacceptable and inappropriate.  Not caring what others thought, she ran to the feet of Jesus.  She broke the jar – full of her whole world and everything she deemed valuable – and she left it at the feet of Jesus, washing His feet with her hair. No one else in the room got it, but Mary got it.  The disciples were making judgments about her waste of a good perfume, but she bowed down at the feet of her King.

She emptied her old desires at the feet of her new, all-consuming desire – Jesus.

I imagine she was a wreck with her long hair strung across her face and intertwined with snot and tears.  I imagine she looked like an absurd, hot mess. Emptying herself, she left full – full of Jesus.

Similarly, Thomas Watson said “God first empties a man of himself, before He pours in the precious wine of His Grace.”

Christ empties us of our successes and failures in order to fill us with His peace. When we understand that nothing is ours, we can live fully, knowing that we are His.  When we recognize we are not even entitled to the air we breathe, then we will breathe deep the fullness of joy. In order to be filled, we must first realize we are empty apart from Christ.

The dawn breaks into the darkness of night; morning is here, reminding us of Fullness. Yet, how often as Christians do we lay in our beds overwhelmed and crushed under the weight of our failures, sins, and struggles from the day before?  In those empty moments, let’s open up the blinds of thankfulness, sweep away the cobwebs of yesterday, and remember that we are filled with the love of Christ.

Only Christ can fill us, but we still have to come and humbly throw ourselves down at His feet.

When we refuse to drink from the fountain of living water, we will white-knuckle our little treasures and drink from the pleasures of this world. The reason we cling to earthly comforts, pleasures, and power is because we do not believe Christ is sufficiently able to fill and satisfy.  We assume that His grace has run dry, and we chug down the things of this world that only leave us bloated and sick.

When we remember it is Christ who gives life, there is no need to fight dying.  When we realize He has given us everything, there is no need to hold onto anything except the Giver of all good gifts.  Then and only then do we realize that emptying ourselves does not have to be a scary thing; after all, dying is life giving.

Come to Christ empty and leave overflowing.

May we empty our treasures at the feet of Jesus and leave behind a fragrance as we go.  Because we are full in Him, we can empty ourselves to the souls around us.  We can pour out to others, because Jesus has poured into us.  We are called to lay our lives down daily so that the captives may experience life and the healing power of Christ.  We are preachers who empty our lives for the sake of the Gospel, proclaiming a coming kingdom of eternal fullness.  Every time we pour into another, they taste a small dose of that sweet gift.

Christian, we are constantly pouring out to be filled.

A life emptied for others paints a picture of a Christ that emptied himself for love.

The Christian life is full of mysterious paradoxes.  So, here we are in between the Beginning and Eternity in our pursuit to discover The Fullness of Empty

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