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I Hear Voices


I have given myself the diagnosis of spiritual schizophrenia, because I hear voices in my head.

If you research this condition on WebMd or other forums, you won’t find it. The reason you will not find it is because it is a self-diagnosis. I know I’m not the only woman who suffers from this ailment, and I find it helpful for all of us crazies to have a label. You are welcome.

Maybe you can relate.

These voices are diligent to remind us of past failures and our present inability to change. The voices say, “You will never be different. This is who you are and will always be. Look, you still have not folded the laundry and all of your socks are mismatched. Forget saving for your kids college fund and go ahead and put it towards their future therapy.” 

Other voices say, ‘You are too big. You are too skinny. You are too dumb. You are too single. You have too many kids. You should have kids.’

Then, the voice of Satan whispers in our ears, ‘You are unworthy of God’s love. Your sin is too great. You are a failure. You are never enough.’ 


Yet while we all hear these voices, the voice of Christ is speaking even louder.

There is an anthem that all of creation is singing and we must tune our ears to hear it.

If we want to hear the rhythms of God’s grace, we must start talking to ourselves instead of listening to ourselves.

We must become women who fight to believe the truth.

We must preach the Gospel to ourselves daily, because every day we will be tempted to drink the Kool-Aid and hustle for our worth instead of resting in the fact that Jesus has already solidified our value through His death and resurrection. Instead of fighting to prove our worth, we should fight to believe our worth that has already been declared in Christ. Instead of pounding it out on the treadmill of life, we can pound it out in the Word of God and rest in His finished work. Ladies, rest in Jesus today; He is enough.

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