Dancing in the Kitchen Motherhood

Jeannie Cunnion {Mom Set Free}

Do you feel the pressure to get it all right?  Are you exhausted, discouraged and thinking you have screwed up your children for life?

Then, come join our dance party…where that pressure is OFF!!!

In today’s episode of Dancing in the Kitchen, Jeannie Cunnion and I, are talking all about the freedom that comes in Christ!

I LOVED spending time with this lady!

Jeannie Cunnion is a Jesus lover and a grace clinger.

She is the author of Parenting the Wholehearted Child, Mom Set Free, and Mom Set Free Bible Study.

She is also a frequent speaker at women’s conferences and parenting events around the country.

These days, however, you’re most likely to find Jeannie alongside her husband, Mike, with baby Finn in her arms while cheering on their three older boys at any one of their sporting events. Jeannie’s passion is encouraging women to live in the freedom for which Christ has set us free – a message her own heart needs to be reminded of daily.

As for what makes her happy – well, that would be the love of Jesus, good music, a great book, worship, sand between her toes, Auburn football, putting her heart on paper, water in every form, singing like nobody’s listening, and the greatest gift God has given her, Mike and their four beautiful boys.

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Here are just a few of the things we discussed:

  • Jeannie’s latest book, Mom Set Free…which just released last week!
  • Life with all boys.
  • Becoming a dog owner.
  • Unique/strange ways to go about stress relief.
  • The best vacuum money can buy.
  • Raising a teenager and toddler at the same time.
  • Why Jeannie allows herself to “waste” time.
  • Is it our job to make God happy?
  • Freedom and joy in parenting.
  • Navigating the pressures of parenting.
  • The Loud Mom Voice
  • Parenting in grace.

Links from today’s show:


Connect with Jeannie Cunnion:

Website:   http://jeanniecunnion.com

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/jeanniecunnion/

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