I have a feeling that we are going to be good friends!

My name is Annie Leigh Edwards. I am a wife, mom of three, a writer, podcaster, passionate about equipping women to live from the inside out and your personal cheerleader.

My Life In Bullet Points

  • I don’t do “the things,” until I’ve had the coffee.
  • I am allergic to small talk.
  • Anne of Green Gables fan girl.
  • My husband gave me the nickname “Big AL,” while we were dating in college.
  • I read way to many books at one time.
  • I lose the keys to the swagger wagon EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.
  • I have no idea where the missing socks go.
  • My brain is 80 percent song lyrics.
  • I am 5’11.  No, I did not play basketball, volleyball or participate in any sports.
  • Former member of the High School Show Choir (“Jazz Hands” for life).
  • We are related to Johnny Cash.
  • My husband and I, almost got a divorce our first year of marriage.
  • I had postpartum depression with all of my pregnancies.
  • Group text messages stress me out.

No One Puts Baby In The Corner

I am a firm believer that life is better when you’re dancing the kitchen.

Like our kitchens, life is messy – but it doesn’t have to keep us from enjoying the daily grind

Wherever life finds you – whether it’s wiping booties or writing books, folding laundry or preparing lectures, when you are feeling it (and especially when you are not) this place is for you!

I share personal stories of failing forward and practical tips to do life. Be prepared to hear topics related to parenting, depression, sex, marriage, cultivating friendships, healthy living and of course…grace.

Together, we will be inspired to treat life more like a dance floor and less like a boxing ring (which means less bruises, and more fun).  Let’s bust some moves!





How Did I End Up Here

Oh yeah…I forgot to mention that I am the “pastor’s wife!”  Being a pastor’s wife was not exactly in my life plan.

Long story short…

My  little sister, Kelly, spent the first few years of her life battling cancer.  Read More

I give all thanks to God for her miraculous healing!

I also thank Him because as a pig-tail-wearing-5 year old, I got a glimpse of how fragile and fleeting this life is.

As a result…I wanted to make my life “count.”

I thought I would make an impact in the world through the theater because I loved to dance, sing, and make others laugh.

As a young girl, I dreamed about the lights of Broadway and singing at Carnegie Hall.

I was in the high school “glee” club, musicals, thespian club, and took voice lessons with Beyonce’s vocal coach and pageants – all in hopes that one day my name would be in the lights.

I was sorely disappointed when my dreams came to a crashing halt, and I married a pastor who moved us to Kentucky (It is by the grace of God we stayed married.  You can read our story here.)

I love being a pastor’s wife! Don’t get me wrong.  It has its difficulties, like sharing your husband with hundreds of people.

People often ask what it is like living in a “fish tank?”  I tell them it’s great because everyone can see our “junk.” Then, people see that the pastor and his family are in need a Savior, just like everyone else!  Trust me, I’ve got plenty of issues. I was invited to join a bible study called “Hot Mess Ministries” for a reason.

But if I can be real with you for a moment…I was angry at the Lord for giving me such an ordinary life.

Have you ever felt like God was this “cosmic kill joy” who delighted in crushing all of your hopes and dreams? Yeah, me too!

(It’s like He didn’t get the memo the world should revolve around us.)

But through the years, I am learning to trust His ways because His ways are always good and He is enough.

His “no,” is always a big “YES” to MORE of HIM!

Looking back over my life, I see that I was measuring my worth, as an individual, by my performance on and off of the stage.

I wrongly assumed that in order to make my life count, I had to be perfect, look perfect and do everything right.

I was  hustling to prove my worth or protect my image; this vain pursuit only led to struggles with anxiety and depression (This mindset became a real joy-kill, when after having three babies, I was left with an extra 60 pounds and the full effect of gravity!  My body looked like something off of the Discovery Channel . . . can we say TRIBAL?!).

I quickly learned that much like unicorns, the perfect mom, wife, body, house, {INSERT WHATEVER}, does not exist.

Aren’t we tired of competing for titles, approval, and the perpetual frustration of comparing ourselves to other women who seem to have it altogether?

I know all about working to please God and the exhaustion that follows. However, the Gospel frees us to rest.

Grace is like a comfy pair of pants that doesn’t ask us to suck it in and put on “spiritual spanx” so we look better. Grace says, come as you are.

My prayer is that this would be a place where kindred spirits put on their most comfortable sweatpants and remember the Gospel.

The Gospel that tells us it is not about our performance and getting dressed up for God; rather, our hope is in Christ’s performance on our behalf. We will never be good enough, wise enough, skinny enough, talented enough or funny enough.

Haven’t we had enough with enough?

Jesus is our enough!

I wrote more in depth about all of this in  The Fullness of Empty Ebook.




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