Pinterest Fail

We all have expectations. Unrealistic expectations in parenting and other relationships can set us up for failure, discouragement, and depression. Can you think back to a time when you were really looking forward to something and it just didn’t quite live up to your expectations? Maybe it was a concert, vacation, or a date night. Or, maybe you can relate to my most recent “let down” – a colossal failure in baking what was supposed to be an award-winning birthday cake. My little girl (Ellie) asked me to bake her a “rainbow” birthday cake. Generally, I stick to buying cakes from the local bakery; however, this time I was feeling all “Pinteresty” and so I ventured out of my comfort zone and decided I would try to bake. I could hear the approval of my daughter and other family members as they told me how I am Martha Stewart on steroids, so talented in so many different areas, etc. I have heard that box cakes (this is as about as homemade as it gets for me, so stop judging) generally don’t go wrong since everything is basically spelled out for you. The box cake let me down. A day before the party my sister and I baked the layers (which I thought was a brilliant time saver). The day of the party, I was expecting a beautiful cake – perfect in every way. Then I began to add the second layer, only to see my beautiful cake and my Martha Stewart dreams crumble into pieces.   I tried to reconstruct the pieces together with the icing but it was of no avail. The cake was a total disaster. My expectations were not met and the only thing I could do was laugh.  So, with only an hour before the party, I had no choice – I sent my husband to the bakery.  Surprisingly, my daughters loved the picasso inspired cake and thought it tasted amazing!!!!

Unrealistic expectations set us up for disappointment because dissappointments are really just unmet expectations.  Life and cooking are not always a piece of cake.  Life is messy and disappointments are sure to come but lets help ourselves out by not setting unrealistic expectations that are fueled by Pinterest:) If you want to buy a store bought cake for you kid…do it!!!!

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