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The Celebration: December 10 The Love Rules

December 10

The Love Rules

love rules

(It is hard for me not to picture Charlton Heston when reading the story of the Ten Commandments.)

Today’s Reading:  Deuteronomy 5

The Lord said to me,…”Oh, that their hearts would be inclined to fear and keep all my commands always, so that it might go well with them and their children forever!

I love how Ann Voskamp refers to The Ten Commandments as the Love Rules.

God is a jealous God and desires for his people to lean into him.  He knows that when we are not leaning towards his heart, we are tripping over our own two feet.

God says:

Don’t not worship anything except me because idols cannot hold you.  Idols will hurt you.

Make time for us to enjoy one another each week.

Do not steal anything.  Trust that I, the Lord God will provide for your needs.

God knows that his people will only find true satisfaction when we are delighting in him and this is exactly what the ten commandments are asking of us-Delight in the Lord your God!

At the root of all sin, lies the belief that God is not enough.

 Christians will lose heart when we look into the mirror of the law.

The Mirror of the law reveals that we are not quite the fairest of them all. 

Yeah, they didn’t love God with all of their heart.

Well, she was content until she went into target.

They were on their iphone all day and completely ignored the children.

She argued with husband, again,  and forgot to call her grandmother on her birthday.

When we look into the mirror of the law our reflection only reveals our marred performance.   We didn’t love God with all of our hearts.

 In 2 Corinthians chapter 3…

Paul is explaining the purpose of the law to the Corinthians

He says something like, “Remember when moses came down from the mountain with the ten commandments…….yeah, this was not to prove how awesome the Israelites were but to reveal to them that they were incapable of obeying it.  They were incapable of loving God with all of their hearts.

The  Israelites had no power in themselves to obey the law.  For example, the Israelites couldn’t even wait long enough for Moses to bring them the law before they were breaking it.

Can we say HOLY COW!!!!

The law shows us 2 things: Gods holy standard and how we don’t measure up.

God is holy.  We are not.

Anytime we look to the mirror of the law to find our worth, we will always look fat with sin

The purpose of the law is to reveal that we are incapable and needy

Paul says in 2 corin 3:6 “For the letter kills (this is the law) BUT there is good news…the spirit gives life.

Who doesn’t love some good news!

2 corin 3:7 “Now if the ministry of death, carved in letters on stone, came with such glory that Israelites could not gaze at Moses’ face because of its glory, which was being brought to an end, will not the ministry of the sprit have even more glory?  For if there was glory in the ministry of condemnation, the ministry of righteousness must far exceed it in glory.”

Is the law bad? No.  Without the Law we would not see our need for Christ.

BUT…Paul says he is a minister of a new covenant, not of the letter (law) but of the spirit. 

If we are in Christ..The law is now written on our hearts!  His love is carved into our hearts!

Where we once stood condemned by the law, we now have the power, through the work of the spirit in us to obey the law.

There is an inward working of the holy spirit that provides outward obedience and fruit.

If people around us are not Christians, we should’nt be surprised by their sin.  When others are worshipping holy cows, we shouldn’t go crazy and throw down a slate tablet over there head. They have no power to obey the Lord in and of themselves.

At the same time we should not be surprised when as Christians, we still choose  sin and when we do, instead of becoming fixated on the mirror of the law, we are commanded to look into the mirror of Grace.

Christ says…

Hey don’t look at the mirror of the law,  to gain your worth!  You will never measure up.

I have shattered the need to perform so, stop looking at yourself-get over yourself-get over your failures-your awesomeness. 

I don’t look at the outward things, I look at the heart! 

 You need to look to me to find your true reflection.

Stop looking through broken glass-It’s not gonna make sense! 

Instead look to the mirror of grace…

Looking through the mirror of grace shows us that although we still have sin in our lives, God sees the reflection of his precious son Jesus.  Christ obeyed the law perfectly.  His heart was always inclined towards the fathers heart.

We can love the law because in Christ, it no longer condemns us.


What relationship do you have with the law?

How do the Love Rules, reveal to us Gods heart?






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