The ‘Selfie’ Generation

Everybody is doing it!!!

(Taking Selfies that is)

There is no doubt we are living in The ‘Selfie’ Generation…

The truth is we are really just one little “selfie” amongst generations of selfiestucked into a photo album of time. We are a made in the image of God, a portraitof the Artist who created us to reflect His brilliance and glory.

It has never been about our portrait, but it’s a story about the artist behind the lens. Art that moves people asks them a question; what was the artist’s intention in this work?

The question we need to ask ourselves is, “What was His intention when designing us?” Was I created to receive the applause or was I designed to give the applause away?

The problem with selfies is that they don’t tell the whole story, do they? Weupload the highlight reel of our life for everyone to see (granted, there are several selfies I have seen that I thought someone accidentally put up) but we leave out all of the ugly and embarrassing.

God knows the moments you would hurt for other people to see. He knows you fully and has written your story – a story that cannot be changed by editing out the bad.

All that really matters is His story.

If our story is not tied into His story, then we are missing the entire point of our existence.

Our obsession with self has navigated our story apart from God, but because of God’s great love for us, He sacrificed His perfect son in our place.

What a picture of love? When we see Jesus, we see a perfect picture of God; in fact, Jesus is God. Perfection. Love. Power over death. Power to heal. Compassion.

How could we ever doubt His love for His children? He sacrificed His son. Christ’ perfection is uploaded to those who look to God in humility and ask Him to change their selfish hearts.

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