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As women, we are exhausted and hungry for a message of hope.  We are tired of competing for titles, approval, acceptance, and the perpetual frustration of comparing ourselves to other women who seem to have it altogether. We are drained from wanting to be authentic, but scared to take off the mask.  After all, even though we put off the perception that we have it all together, deep down inside, most women are plagued with insecurities.

Why?  Because every woman knows her own flaws, and more times than not, when she looks into the mirror she does not like what she sees.  We are sick of self, but similar to the Greek mythology character Narcissist, we are paradoxically trapped in the gaze of our own reflection.  Not knowing how to “get over ourselves,” we continue to labor – building our little kingdoms in the attempt to achieve greatness. This blog is an endeavor to pull our gaze from our mirror and kingdoms, and to place it on a greater King, a greater Kingdom, and a greater Throne.

To encourage other women to “get real,” I will attempt to share in such an authentic way that it hurts.  This blog is for any woman who is tired of competing for acceptance.  It is for any woman who aspires to be “somebody,” but continues to find herself rejected.  This blog is for the women who long to see something bigger and greater.

This blog is for the women who are totally jacked up and stand in desperate need of a Savior.


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